Butter and margarine spread

Often stacked next to each other in the supermarket. Other than the price tag and mandatory labels, these two products are seemingly indistuingishible. When smelled or tasted, the difference become clear as day, though.

Modern margarine is an industrial product invented as a butter substitute. It was the innovation of mechanically processing liquid oils to make their molecules form a solid that made margarine possible. Unless artificial taste is added, margarine tastes like a neutral oil in solid form.

The substitute can have its uses, however. It can be useful in some baking recipes to give a pastry a certain feeling. But butter is still a better option for taste and probably health in almost all cases.

It's an open secret among Indian and Western chefs that adding an obscene amount of butter to almost anything takes the taste up at least a couple of notches.

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Butter is about 3.40£ for 0.5kg while spread is about just 2£ for the same amount. A 50-50 mix like Anchor Spreadable is 3.50£.

This makes pure butter almost twice as expensive as the substitute, so there is some money to be saved by sticking to the solidified oil spread. The benefits of extra nutrients in butter, as well as enhanced taste will probably easily cover the extra spending as a wellness and health investment, though.

Butter and spread are staples and pretty much a commodity in all supermarkets. The prices differences are just a few pence from store to store.

There are, however, much more expensive premium and organic versions of butter out there. These can cost as much as around 6£ for 500g. Whether these variants are better must be judged by each individual. And it's probably worth it to try and taste them side by side if you wanna be great at picking ingredients.

Butter and margarine are staples and pretty much a staple in all supermarkets. The price differences are only a few pennies from shop to shop.


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